When It’s All About The Necklace!!!

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For as long as I can remember, I was always fascinated with Africa. I am not sure if it’s my love for history, growing up with a Rastafarian, the stories my grandmother told me about her dad who was of African decent or hearing everyone saying “oh you have the map of Africa on your back”. I do have a birthmark that is the shape the continent of Africa. Whether it is jewelry, art or just a piece of fabric, I fall in love with it. My latest piece if this bib necklace that my friend found at the Port Authority Bus Terminal, and assumed it would be a something I wanted. When I saw the photo, I was so excited. So imagine my reaction when she actually placed it in my hands. It was as if I won the lotto. I went with an all black look to highlight my necklace. Take a peek below. Thanks for dropping by!!!img_7212img_7215img_7225

img_7211 img_7210 img_7193 img_7195 img_7238

Top: Similar (Old ) Here // Skirt: Similar (Old) Here // Shoes: Similar Here // Necklace: Similar Here // Clutch Similar Here // Sunglasses: Similar Here

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